This is relevant if you're seeing messages in your LinkedIn inbox with old copy from historical campaigns, or from campaigns that have been paused. It's also relevant if you are no longer a client, but are still seeing activity in your LinkedIn inbox.

As with email, a lead can reply to or accept a connection request at any time, regardless of when the request was sent.

There are two scenarios where this gets confusing in the LinkedIn interface.

Scenario 1:  Lead replies to your connection request message

The order of operations is:

  1. Hello Outreach sends out a connection request with a custom introductory message. Let's say this happens on January 10th.
  2. Lead accepts the connection request and sends a reply to your message on February 12th.
  3. Message appears in your LinkedIn inbox on February 12th as a new conversation. This makes it appear that the request / message were sent on February 12th, when it REALLY went out over a month prior.

Scenario 2:  Lead accepts your connection request but does not write a reply

The order of operations here is:

  1. Hello Outreach sends out connection request with custom message on, for example, January 10th.
  2. Lead accepts the connection request on February 12th.
  3. A new OUTGOING message pops up in your inbox dated Feb 12th (instead of the day you actually sent the message).

In this example, it's likely that February 12th is the day/time that the lead saw your message for the first time, then accepted your request. LinkedIn dubs this as the beginning of your interaction / conversation, hence the delayed time stamp.

Note: Once a connection request has been sent, we don't manually revoke them, even if you are no longer a client. When a lead accepts or responds is completely up to them, so don't be alarmed if you still see old messages popping up months after a campaign has been completed.