This is a template for a 4 touch outbound email sequence where the strategy is to tap into a specific pain point.

Email #1

Hi {{FirstName}},

I'm not sure if you struggle with {{Pain Point}}, but I wanted to reach out about our work doing {{Solution}}.

If we could help you do X, Y, and Z...would that save you time/money/headache/challenges?

Would be great to hop on an intro call just to get our solution on {{Company}}'s radar.

Any interest?

Email #2

Hi {{FirstName}},

Checking in on my email {{Last_Touch}}.

Would you say that {{Company}} runs into {{Pain Point re-worded}}?

At {{My_Company_Name}}, we work with {{Industry}} companies to deliver {{Result}}.

I'd love to send over a few examples of recent work/results/use cases to see if we can get on your short list. Would that be ok?

Email #3

Hey again {{FirstName}}, hope you're having a nice {{day_of_week}}.

I just wrapped up a project with {{CompanyExample}}, and I thought some of the takeaways around X and Y might be interesting to you.

Do you have a few minutes this week for me to share?

Email #4

{{FirstName}}, wanted to just leave this here for you, {{link to more information}}.

I'd be happy to be a resource for {{Company}} regarding {{Pain Point re-worded}} if you have a need down the road.

Would it be okay if I check in with you again in a few months?