Here are a few fill in the blank templates to help you write effective LinkedIn connection requests.  

A connection message must be less than 300 characters, so these are short and sweet.

Stick to a casual, authentic tone, and always try to provide value to the reader if you can. "Soft selling," or more long term relationship building, is great for LinkedIn, although it is possible to book a lot of meetings through this channel if your pitch is relevant and customized.

For prospects that accept your request but don't write a reply, try sending a personalized follow up. We see an equal amount of responses come from the second message as the first.

#1 Name Drops

Hi {{FirstName}}, hoping to share about my work doing {{xyz}} for other {{industry}} companies, like {{CompanyX}} and {{CompanyY}}, to help them accomplish {{goal}}.

Would you be open to learning more about our approach?

#2 Pain Point

Thanks for connecting {{FirstName}}, not sure if you're working on {{pain point}} right now, but can I share some projects we've done for other {{industry}} companies to help them solve that problem?  

#3 Resource Sharing

Hi {{FirstName}}, looks like we have a shared interest in {{X}}. I'd love to share a {{resource/guide/webinar/checklist}} we just put together for {{industry}} companies to help with {{x}}.

Can I send it over?

#4 Personal Story

Hey {{FirstName}}, working as a {{previous position}}, I saw how {{pain point of your customers}}.

Hoping to connect about a new solution that does {{x}}. Can I get your feedback on it?

#5 Hard Sell

Hi {{FirstName}}, is {{x}} a big part of your revenue at {{Company}}?

Would love to talk shop about our product/services, and see if we might take some tasks off your team's hands. Up for a quick intro?