Next Step is a marketing agency that helps tech companies design better outcomes with Behavioral Science- the study of how people really make decisions.

We needed a strong channel with predictable lead generation. I tried hiring in-house first and spent 6 months on salary without any return.

Hello Outbound delivers much higher numbers than we could possibly generate, and allows us to quickly and accurately test different markets and messaging. - Shirin Oreizy, Founder


Next Step is an award-winning Behavioral Design Agency with offices in San Francisco & Boston. Their staff is a mix of behavioral economists, strategists and creatives, and they wanted to accelerate their growth.


Next Step was reliant on client referrals, speaking engagements, and inbound marketing to find new customers. Their challenge became keeping up a consistent sales pipeline during periods of slow referrals...but prospecting and campaign creation wasn't the highest use of anyone's time.

Solution: a reliable, done-for-you outbound sales channel  

Hello Outbound provided Next Step with targeted prospect data, full copywriting services, and monthly campaign execution.

First, we built prospect lists for each of their Ideal Customer Profiles. Our unique lead review process helped us hone in the targeting: Heads of Marketing at funded B2B technology and Fintech companies.

Next, our copywriters delivered a messaging workshop that identified the top pain points and offerings for each buyer persona, which they used to craft multi-touch outreach sequences.

On the execution side, we handled their technology stack, deliverability monitoring, scheduling and follow ups, and campaign reporting. During our engagement, we added the capability to do LinkedIn outreach, which immediately doubled the number of meetings Next Step was booking from the program.

Between prospecting, copywriting, and sending campaigns, Hello Outbound replaced a full time hire for Next Step, saving them thousands of dollars a month.  

Challenge #2

Next Step is all about using data to make decisions, and they needed an agile way to test and track new sales messaging.

Solution: monthly iterations with side by side campaign comparisons

The Hello Outbound dashboard displays high level program performance, as well as Opens, Replies, and Meetings for each campaign, email touch and LinkedIn message. These views make it easy to understand which campaigns to ramp up, and which ones to cancel.  

Our strategists met with the Next Step team every month to discuss what was working, not working, and why, and to brainstorm new ideas.

In addition to pain point testing, we tried pitches around local Bay Area, webinar invites, resource sharing, social proof and seasonal marketing challenges. Our dedicated account manager model meant quick turn around times for new campaigns, and lots of room for collaboration.

Not only did continuous testing and iteration improve the effectiveness of our outreach, but Next Step was able to use these copy tests to guide their other growth efforts- like website language and blog content.  


Once we nailed down their targeting and messaging, Next Step consistently scheduled 10 meetings per month, and closed multiple high LTV projects in their first year.