In-person meetings, new website projects, and white label partnerships, all forged through cold outreach campaigns

"We ran campaigns to set up meetings at conferences and within our first 3 months were able to close multiple deals...generating a 13X ROI right off the bat. After a bad experience with a different outbound service, we have really appreciated the transparency and authenticity at Hello Outbound."

- Toby Eborn, Sales Director


SEO Werkz is a well-established digital marketing agency with a wide range of capabilities- from local optimization and retargeting campaigns, to white label SEO programs for other agencies.


After relying on referrals, word of mouth, and inbound for many years, the Sales Director at SEO Werkz decided to try outbound as a way to fill up his sales rep's calendars.

He hired a meeting setting service, and while calls were successfully scheduled, he found that the quality of the prospects was low and that most were not serious buyers. The process felt like a black box because he couldn't see how the contact lists were built or what the outreach messages said. After one particularly bad sales call, he decided that enough was enough.


Transparency and Collaboration

After signing on with Hello Outbound, SEO Werks collaborated closely with a dedicated strategist to build targeted prospect lists and craft campaigns that were true to their brand identity.

With the Hello Outbound dashboard, SEO Werkz was able to see all the search criteria used to identify prospects and could either approve or decline every contact before outreach was sent.

A detailed buyer persona and copy workshop helped the Hello Outbound team learn all about SEO Werkz' customers, while making their Sales Director feel confident that his agency's reputation was in good hands.

Tailored Campaigns

Having many capabilities and business lines meant that SEO Werkz could run a wide variety of campaigns.

  1. Industry events: Hello Outbound found marketing leaders within very specific industries, and sent LinkedIn connection requests to set up in-person meetings at relevant conferences.
  2. Local SEO for brick and mortar companies: SEO Werkz is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, so they targeted retail stores and service businesses in their area that would be keen on working with a local partner.
  3. Partnerships with other agencies: Many agencies want to offer SEO services, but don't have the resources to do so in-house. Hello Outbound leveraged this pain point to start conversations about white label partnerships.


At the first conference SEO Werkz attended after launching campaigns, the Sales Director had an in-person meeting that resulted in a new website project worth $70,000.

Through the agency to agency outreach, SEO Werkz was able to sign multiple white label agreements. The value of these partnerships will continue to grow overtime as the agencies share more clients.

SEO Werkz achieved an incredible return of 13X their initial spend within the first 3 months.

They graduated from their pilot program to become a long term client, and continue to see great results thanks to constant iteration and tight communication with the Hello Outbound team.

This case study highlights Hello Outbound's diverse campaign capabilities and the return that is possible with close collaboration and a motivated sales team.

If you're curious about how to generate results like this for your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch!