If you are in charge of growing your agency, then these example outbound sales emails will be quite useful. Each script is highly customizable based on who you are sending from, who you are targeting, and the formality of your audience.

Table of Contents

  1. The Friendly City
  2. Pick an Enemy
  3. Likeminded Individuals
  4. Imposter Syndrome
  5. Free Lunch

Example Email #1: The Friendly City

If you are looking for a friendly authentic tone, try targeting companies in your city with a casual opener. This example email is for prospects in LA who most likely love the always-sunny weather, but hate the traffic. After we establish some common ground / trust based on location, we offer something of value to the prospect that makes them feel like we put some real research into their company.

Hi {{FirstName}} - how are you?

I hope you’re enjoying the perfect LA weather (Elon please finish those traffic tunnels soon).

I’m not sure what your new customer pipeline looks like, but our team built a list of recently hired CMO’s for you.

This data can help {{Company}} get in front of brands in So Cal who are more open to new marketing partners.

Can I show you?

Have a wonderful day!

Tips to make this work for you

  • Obviously this tactic is most authentic if you are in the same city, but you can also use this opener for prospects in other regions. We've seen success mentioning everything from a sports team (Go Broncos!) to a physical attribute of a city (DC cherry blossoms in the springtime).
  • As far as your personalized offering, pick something that is easy for you to generate and share with prospects. It's meant to be a hook, not a huge time suck for your sales team.
  • If you travel to your clients locations often, you could create a sense of urgency by noting that you will be in their city in a few weeks, and are trying to set up some networking meetings.

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Example Email #2: Pick an Enemy

Nothing bonds people together like a common enemy! This cold email example portrays the SEO agency as the hero who is here to save the prospect from evil Yelp Advertisers- and get them better results along the way.

Hey {{FirstName}},

I noticed that {{Company}} is spending money to advertise on Yelp, and I’m reaching out because we are on a campaign to help companies stop wasting money with the Yelp Mafia!

If we could help your business generate more leads in your city at a lower cost and with less hassle than Yelp, would that interest you?

Tips to make this work for you

  • Version 1: what specific tools or technologies do your prospective clients use that cause them a lot of headaches?  
  • Version 2: what does everyone in your target audience universally dislike? Think "going to the DMV" level.
  • Remember to tie in your agency's value at the same time. It's great to tap into that emotional reaction, but you'll want to finish on a positive note about how you can help!

Example Email #3: Likeminded Individuals

Think about previous jobs or experiences that would resonate with your target personas. This is a good way to relate to prospects and show that you have walked in their shoes, while demonstrating expertise in their industry.

Hi {{FirstName}},

As a former marketer for Wolf Gang Puck, I'm curious to hear about your restaurant's growth initiatives for 2021. More online orders, requests for directions, or reservations through your website?

I have a quick Online Presence Assessment I put together for  {{Company}}. This assessment used to help me prioritize marketing resources to achieve similar goals.

Can I send it over?

Tips to make this work for you

  • This example is from an agency professional who used to have the same job title as their now prospects. Some other traits you can potentially leverage here include:
  • Company demographics (being the sole marketing person, or working under a new Founder)
  • Education (attended the same University or took the same online classes)
  • LinkedIn groups (read similar content or have similar interest areas)
  • Incubator programs (think Y Combinator or TechStars)

Example Email #4: Imposter Syndrome

Tap into you prospect's internal fears. Everyone has insecurities about their business, and more people than we may realize are living by the motto "fake it till you make it." This strategy can be tricky but effective; it's all about creating urgency without explicitly calling out you potential customers.

Hi {{FirstName}},

{{Company}} reminds me of other Y Combinator startups we work, so I wanted to reach out.

Quick question…if we could help you de-risk your product roadmap for 2021 and ensure that you raise your next round of funding, would that interest you?

We act like your startup’s secret weapon, a unique hybrid of product builders and marketers, making sure that your company reaches the next stage.

Interested in a quick intro call?

Tips to make this work for you

  • What are common fears or pitfalls of the industry or stage of company you work with?
  • If your contact persona has budget control, are they afraid of losing money?
  • A few examples are: wasting spend on ineffective marketing channels, or not receiving their next round of funding (this is what we tapped into above)  

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Example Email #5: Free Lunch

Surprise...people love free stuff! Here, we are essentially giving away the first step of this agency's process when onboarding a new client. This is a great strategy for generating really high response rates and getting the word out there about your agency. Just be prepared that you might have to work a little harder to actually convert the prospect to a meeting after you share the free resource.

Hi {{FirstName}},

I'm John from XYZ Agency. We've been talking a lot about Positioning Statements with our non profit clients lately. A strong statement can help to define a non profit's mission and serve as a guiding light for your brand's messaging.

We always start with 9 core questions to help define this sometimes intimidating process...

If you're working on brand or fundraising initiatives at {{Company}}, I'd be happy to share the set of questions with you.


Tips to make this work for you

  • What is something that your audience consistently struggles with that you could provide advice on?
  • Other possible give aways include client success stories, takeaways from recent projects, example social media campaigns, market research studies you've done, digital ad checklists...etc.

For ideas on how to find qualified prospects for your outbound sales campaigns and more email script examples, read up on Proven Outbound Sales Strategies for Marketing Agencies.