New lead channel drives revenue growth for a lifecycle marketing agency

"Our journey with Hello Outbound has been very impactful. Starting from a point where outbound leads were non-existent, we have now secured a 10% incremental revenue increase through their outreach.

One of our highest-paying clients of the year came from our very first campaign, and we've continued to see value since then. Their platform is not just a tool, it’s a growth partner for us."

- Will Pearson, Co-Founder


Scalero is a lifecycle marketing studio that offers email marketing and automation for e-commerce and B2C technology brands.


Initially, Scalero tried to tackle prospecting and lead generation manually, which proved to be time consuming and non-scalable. They turned to a full service agency specializing in cold calling and meeting setting, and despite a huge investment, the agency failed to produce any tangible leads for Scalero.

Frustrated, their CEO began looking for options that would provide automation, while still giving Scalero control over its messaging and brand voice.


Services & Strategy

Hello Outbound sourced highly-targeted prospect lists filtered by relevant events, industries, and technologies.

One successful campaign involved leveraging the 'Recently Hired' data signal to target marketing and content leaders at B2C Brands who were hired within the last 3 months.

Another effective strategy was tailoring outreach around specific technologies, like Klaviyo or Mailchimp, that indicated the sophistication level of a prospect and allowed Scalero to send pain point-specific copy.

The Hello Outbound team played a crucial role in Scalero's launch, offering expert recommendations and promptly addressing any inquiries or issues, creating a positive and collaborative experience.

The Platform

Upon adopting Hello Outbound, Scalero experienced a seamless integration of leads and campaign management. Thanks to the tight feedback loop that is built into the platform, Scalero only contacted prospects who were a true ICP fit, and the one-stop solution significantly streamlined their lead generation process.

Tangible Results

In the early stages of the program, Scalero closed a deal with what would become one of their highest-paying clients, validating their investment.

Scalero's sales pipeline as a whole also saw an impressive uptick, with 15% of all new leads coming from outbound efforts- a stark increase from virtually none.

Financially, this translated to a 10% incremental increase in their annual revenue, which is a boost they would not have realized without Hello Outbound.

By placing a strong emphasis on personalization and scaling up outreach volume, they saw increased performance month after month.

A Serious ROI

During the first 6 months, Scalero's investment yielded a return of 9.5 times the initial spend– a figure that will continue to grow as new clients extend and expand their partnerships.

This case study highlights the transformative impact of Hello Outbound on Scalero's outbound marketing efforts and demonstrates that even email marketing agencies can benefit from having a cold outreach expert in their corner.

If you're curious about how to generate results like this for your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch!