Here are a few fill-in-the-blank strategies for initial cold emails.

#1 Pain Point

Hi {{FirstName}},

I'm not sure if you struggle with {{pain point}}, but I wanted to reach out about our work doing {{solution}}.

If we could help you do X, Y, and Z...would that save you time/money/headache/challenges?

Would be great to hop on an intro call just to get our solution on {{Company}}'s radar.

Any interest?

#2 Common City

Hey {{FirstName}}- hope you're enjoying the {{season}} weather here in {{city}}!

Reaching out because we've been helping local companies with {{service}}. Do you ever have challenges with {{pain point}}?

I'd be happy to meet up for a coffee to get introduced and hear about what you're working on at {{Company}}. {{Coffee shop}} is my favorite downtown.


#3 Channel Partnership

Hi {{FirstName}},

My team just wrapped up some fun projects where we worked with other {{type of business}}- like {{project example}} and {{project example}}.

Do your clients ever ask for {{service}}?

I'd love to connect and talk shop- or happy to send over some examples of our work.

Do you have a few minutes this week to connect?

#4 Resource Sharing

Hi {{FirstName}},

I can't tell if you are working on {{goal}}, but I put together a guide about X specifically to help {{Company Types}} do Y.

I thought it might be valuable to you and your team at {{Company}}.

Interested in taking a look?

#5 Personal History

Hi {{FirstName}},

Curious if you have any full-time staff focused on {{role}}?

Asking because I spent the last X years doing {{service}} … and now my mission is to help firms like {{Company}} do XYZ.

I’d love to get introduced to share some takeaways from some successful {{project types}}.

How does next week look for you?